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Poll (No New) Icon see my awesome inf!
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I see this program to be perfect for a beginner such...

Posted on Feb 26 2017 04:38 PM by Witmarksoula

Infs Expo rose Icon
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New Replies Icon Help with inf conversations
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GdayВ I just installed the early access buildmucking around with benchmark and...

Posted on Feb 23 2017 11:24 PM by Witmarksoula

Customer Support Dark Icon
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New Replies Icon Come chat with my Inf ;)
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no way is this all the spam thats been done in...

Posted on Feb 09 2017 09:38 PM by Witmarksoula

Infs Expo ~SouljaGirl~ Icon
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New Replies Icon Ever felt like a loner?
Have you ever felt lonely? If so, read on...
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what a time... but, like all of us, Im happy to...

Posted on Feb 09 2017 01:59 AM by Witmarksoula

Chit chat OrangeMelons Icon
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Hot Topic (New) Icon New inf models - 'Modern boys'
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Do you have to special order the umg ?? What mags...

Posted on Feb 07 2017 09:09 PM by Witmarksoula News Anastasia Icon
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New Replies Icon Make Allowances for US spelling.
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I'm all good with ignore command but would it be possible...

Posted on Feb 05 2017 06:19 AM by Witmarksoula

Suggestions Shadow Icon
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New Replies Icon Hannibal Lecter
All good things to those who wait.
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Die Kuh wird halt gemolken bis sie zusammenbricht. Schade, dass größtenteils so...

Posted on Feb 04 2017 08:16 AM by Witmarksoula

Infs Expo metti2312 Icon
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New Replies Icon Different positions or/and backgrounds
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any way we can get some other colors to choose from...

Posted on Feb 03 2017 06:54 PM by Witmarksoula

Suggestions Clockswork Icon
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Poll (No New) Icon Suggestions For My Inf?
I want to hear what people think of her, so please comment.
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Thank you for this post. I have been wondering who were...

Posted on Feb 03 2017 05:26 AM by Witmarksoula

Infs Expo Luri Lani Icon
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New Replies Icon Increasing the rating
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When do I can to user the words Up and one...

Posted on Feb 02 2017 08:04 PM by Witmarksoula

Teaching Infs Mat Icon
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Hot Topic (New) Icon do you own bots on other sites?
Have you made a bot on another site. if so, show it off a little
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alexatkin My FTTC connection only goes as far as 60Mb now and...

Posted on Feb 02 2017 12:51 AM by Witmarksoula

Chit chat ralahinn1 Icon
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New Replies Icon Plug Ins (list of possible imputs)
To make responses more variable.
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Just to add, its possible to emit sound with vanilla CC,...

Posted on Jan 30 2017 05:37 PM by Witmarksoula

Suggestions fasttrapper Icon
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New Replies Icon I loved this conversation.
It actually turned out well!
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methinks that owing to the signs of age, wear and variety thats where them just possibly might have come from?

Posted on Jan 29 2017 12:29 PM by Witmarksoula

Infs Citations Beththebrave Icon
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