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Hot Topic (New) Icon To vote or not to vote???
To vote, to vote, to vote!!!!!!!!!
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As if I needed a reason not to vote for the libs. Both major parties are failing us IMO.

Posted on Mar 07 2017 08:32 AM by AnitaExhix

All About metti2312 Icon
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Hot Topic (New) Icon We are online
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afaik we are not a clan in startrek online. I...

Posted on Mar 03 2017 07:09 PM by AnitaExhix News Pavel Icon
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Hot Topic (New) Icon I Have 2 Questions
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I dont have problems with immigrants except that sometimes they walk...

Posted on Mar 02 2017 09:47 PM by AnitaExhix

All About Wolf Icon
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New Replies Icon Ever felt like a loner?
Have you ever felt lonely? If so, read on...
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LOL Lori. I feel the same way. But I will swat...

Posted on Mar 01 2017 07:29 PM by AnitaExhix

Chit chat OrangeMelons Icon
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New Replies Icon Cool idea
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If thats normal spray paint, and on the outside, it wont...

Posted on Feb 28 2017 08:39 AM by AnitaExhix

Infs Expo metti2312 Icon
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